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The main relied on nonfiction sequence at the market,Eyewitness Books offer an in-depth, accomplished examine their matters with a distinct integration of phrases and photographs.

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The Handy Astronomy Answer Book (The Handy Answer Book Series)

From planetary events and the exploration of our sunlight approach to black holes and darkish topic, this finished reference simplifies all features of astronomy with an approachable question-and-answer structure. With chapters damaged into a variety of astronomical studies—including the universe, galaxies, planets, and area exploration—this source is a perfect significant other for college students, academics, and beginner astronomers, answering greater than 800 questions, akin to Is the universe countless?

Bad Astronomy: Misconceptions and Misuses Revealed, from Astrology to the Moon Landing "Hoax"

Develop compliment for Philip Plait s undesirable Astronomy"Bad Astronomy is simply simple sturdy! Philip Plait clears up each false impression on astronomy and house you by no means knew you suffered from. " --Stephen Maran, writer of Astronomy for Dummies and editor of The Astronomy and Astrophysics Encyclopedia"Thank the cosmos for the package of celebrity stuff named Philip Plait, who's the realm s prime patron recommend for caliber technology in area and in the world.

An Amateur's Guide to Observing and Imaging the Heavens

An Amateur's consultant to staring at and Imaging the Heavens is a hugely finished guidebook that bridges the space among the newbies' and hobbyists' books and the various specialized and subject-specific texts for extra complex novice astronomers. Written by means of an skilled astronomer and educator, the publication is a one-stop reference delivering vast info and suggestion approximately watching and imaging apparatus, with unique examples exhibiting how most sensible to exploit them.

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A spectroscope breaks down the “white” light coming from a celestial body into an extremely detailed spectrum. 21), a German optician, Josef Fraunhofer (1787–1826), examined the spectrum created by light coming from the Sun and noticed a number of dark lines crossing it. In 1859 another German, Gustav Kirchhoff (1824–1887), discovered the significance of Fraunhofer’s lines. They are produced by chemicals in the cooler, upper layers of the Sun (or a star) absorbing light. Each chemical has its The colors of the rainbow A rainbow is formed by the Sun own pattern of lines, like a fingerprint.

This selenograph, created by the artist John Russell in 1797, is a Moon globe. Only a little more than half of the globe is filled with images because at that time the features on the far side of the Moon were unknown. Not until the Russians received the earliest transmissions from the Luna 3 probe in October 1959 was it possible to see images of what was on the Moon’s far side. 34 • Equatorial diameter 2,160 miles/3,476 km Earth Earth is the only planet in the solar system that is capable of earth and the moon The English astronomer James Bradley (1693–1762) noted that many stars appear to have irregularities in their paths.

Facts about earth THE SPHERICAL EARTH As early as the 5th century bce the Greek philosophers had proposed that Earth is spherical, and by the 3rd century bce they had worked out a series of experiments to prove it. But it was not until the first satellites were launched in the late 1950s that humans saw what their planet looks like from space. The one feature that makes Earth unique is the great abundance of liquid water; more than twothirds of the surface is covered with water. Water makes Earth a dynamic place.

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