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IV 33, cf. ), cf. Nab u dAMA[R. iUimmu §im-[ta] ibid. III 138, also III 10; UD (x)] MAN gi-ma-ti li-lu-min-um RA 66 difficult: alSdt si-ma-tim irahhi Gilg. P. iv 32; in proper names: Si-im-ti (personal 173: 72 (Kudur-Enlil kudurru), Ea§ar i-im-tim name) MAD 1 116: x+2, Si-ma-zu ibid. si-im-ta-gu lilemmin Syria 32 17 v 23 f. (Jah145:x+1, ID i-ma-at-dIrra ZA 51 47 iv 25f. dunlim), cf. BBSt. No. 4 iii 11 (MB); Ningirsu (Ur III), GAN Si-im-tum MDP 2 pl. ); i-ma-at-AOur CCT 5 41b: 19, TCL 4 (see aldla) BBSt.

Cf. Sdmu B. BAR §a dBeiti §a Uruk isemmiti (see 6amatu) Sb I 65b, see MSL 9 151, also Recip. Ea B 13; na-am NAM = gi-im-td Idu II 60; nam building activities) ABL 1178:7 (NA); diffi- 3. na-am NAM = si-im-tu Ea II 300; na-am NAM = branding iron: §im-t[u] Durand Textes babyloniens pl. ME§ (sent to the = §i-im-tum Hh. I 125, also Antagal B 228; nam = Sim-tum Nabnitu IV 348; nam = i-im-tu Izi G catch line; na. am = nam = §i-im-tum Emesal Voc. III 52. tar = i-im-tum Emesal Voc. : open the containers i-im-tam sehertam §a AMAR.

Sim-tu tabtu im-ti damiqtu... lilakin inapilun BorgerEsarh. p. , cf. OECT 6 pl. , cf. i-ma-at beiltiu ana ki§uti . . ana ddri§ tasqura AKA 31 i 24 (Tigl. I), Nusku ... a ... i- beli amas Sa ittai ina muhhi mdtdti . kima Si-ma-at amal abusu damqu my lord is the sun which rises (day after day) over all the lands as is the nature of the sun, his gracious father EA 147:8 (let. ofAbimilki); difficult: ina tim-ti Sa §arriblija. 4 sdbe. ) to the §. ). ) play KAR 107:49 and dupl. 358:36; [lib]bi ilika libbi ilika qdt i tarika lippa[tir] may the heart of your god, the heart of your fate, the hand of your god, the hand of your goddess be loosed BBR NAM-ka qdt No.

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