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By Richard Schmude Jr.

Эта книга описывает различные искусственные спутники, которые можно наблюдать даже не вооружённым взглядом, от Международной Космической Станции и до всевозможных спутников-шпионов разных стран. Ричард Шмуде подробно их описывает, как они могут наблюдаться любителями, как их распознать, и как предсказать их орбиты, как их сфотографировать и какие исследования доступны любителям при таких наблюдениях.

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Each was around 25° from the other. See Fig. 11. Scientists designed this camera to produce stereoscopic images. The camera’s resolution was 10 arc-seconds. At an altitude of 100 km, this equals 5 m – about the size of a two-car garage. It also measured the heights of lunar features to an accuracy of 10 m – the height of a three-story apartment building. One goal of the TMC team was to produce maps of the Moon’s polar regions. The biggest problem was that very little light falls there. In essence, these areas are very dark.

The shadows are different in these positions. Different viewing angles cause this. Indian astronomers constructed maps of most of the north and south polar regions of the Moon from TMC images. Over 80% of the areas south of 85°S and north of 85°N are in these maps. htm. 13. 1 W) X-ray spectrometer Image the Moon’s surface at different wavelengths Sreekumar et al. (2009) Kumar et al. (2009b) Collect infrared spectra of the Moon’s surface Mall et al. (2009) Map the lunar surface to a resolution of 5 ms Kumar et al.

Different examples of electromagnetic radiation a Angelo (2006): 257 Angelo (2006): 657 c Angelo (2006): 622 d The author’s observations with a calibrated spectroscope e Angelo (2006): 312 f Angelo (2006): 487 b Fig. 28. As a race car approaches A its sound has a higher pitch (or shorter wavelength) than when it is moving away B. ). Have you ever noticed how the sound of a race car changes as it approaches and passes? The sound has a higher pitch as it approaches and a lower one as it moves away.

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