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By Anne L. Klinck

This assortment makes a speciality of a woman's viewpoint in love poetry, and juxtaposes poems via ladies and poems approximately girls to elevate questions on how femininity is built. even supposing so much medieval ''woman's songs'' are both nameless or male-authored lyrics in a well-liked sort, the time period can usefully be accelerated to hide poetry composed by means of ladies, and poetry that's aristocratic or discovered instead of well known. Poetry from old Greece and Rome that resonates with the medieval poems is additionally incorporated right here. Readers will discover a variety of voices, frequently echoing related issues, as ladies have a good time or lament, compliment or condemn, plead or curse, communicate in jest or in earnest, to males and to one another, approximately love.

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Grace ... C. Meter: Nine-line stanza. Lines 1, 7, 8 dactylic; 2, 3, 4 trochaic; 5, 9 aeolic (choriambic). ” The poem evokes the epiphany of the goddess, who materializes, smiles, and speaks words of power. 5 10 15 Ποικιλ θρον’ iθανbτ’ ’Aφρ διτα, πα Δgο δολ πλοκε, λgσσομαg σε, μx μ’ hσαισι μηδ’ νgαισι δbμνα, π τνια, θ μον, Immortal Aphrodite of the exquisite throne, wile-weaving child of Zeus, to you I pray. Don’t subdue with pains and torments, lady, my heart. iλλn τυgδ’ Oλθ’, α ποτα κiτNρωτα τn Oμα αvδα igοισα πxλοι Oκλυε , πbτρο δP δ μον λgποισα χρjσιον Dλθε But come hither, if ever also in the past, catching my voice from afar, you listened, left your father’s home of gold, and came, hρμ’ Sπασδεjξαισα.

Voice . . singing the lovely melody ... [She] will scatter sweet sleep from my eyelids, and leads me to go to the contest-place [where] eagerly I’ll toss my yellow hair. . σχ- . . rπαλο π δε ... . tender feet ... lines 11–60 missing 65 70 75 80 85 λυσιμελε τε π σH, τακερ τερα δ’ lπνω κα σανbτω ποτιδNρκεται. οSδN τι μαψιδgω γλυκ- . . -xνα. with limb-loosening desire, more meltingly than sleep and death she looks at [me]. Not in vain is she sweet. ’AστυμNλοισα δN μ’ οSδPν iμεgβεται τ ν πυλεaν’ Oχοισα .

Gα Kινjρα χbρι Rπ παρσενικdν χαgταισιν σδει. Yet Astymeloisa answers me nothing. Holding the garland, like some falling star that darts through the radiant heaven, or like a golden sapling, or a soft feather, ... she has passed along, with light, pointed feet. The scent of Cyprian perfume lies moist on her youthful hair. ’AστυμNλοισα κατn στρατ ν . . μNλημα δbμH . . -μαν Qλο σα . . -λNγω. . εναβαλ’ α γnρ hργυριν . . -gα . . -α δοιμ’ α πω με . . -ο φgλοι eσσον ο σ’ rπαλd χηρ λbβοι, αfψb κ’Rγqν κNτι κxνα γενοgμαν.

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