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By Laurence A. Turner

The 4 narrative blocks which contain Genesis are prefaced by way of statements ('Announcements') which recommend ways that the resultant tales tend to strengthen. the writer concludes that the 'Announcements' impression their narratives in lots of alternative ways and they are deceptive symptoms of ways plots will strengthen. Genesis is extra involved to offer the ironies of human cause and divine windfall than to recount the figuring out of any pre-ordained plan on God's half. This unique and clean monograph, written in a energetic kind, is bound to change the best way readers be mindful the Genesis tales.

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Both of these issues have been the subject of much scholarly attention. 2d to be rendered, *be a blessing*. s. impv. s. e. your name (v. s. so that it will be a blessing*. The basis for this, in Yarchin's words, is that 'a consecutive-perfect form following an 1 Wehmeier, ' "Blessing for the Nations"', pp. 2-3; Lundbom, 'Abraham and David', pp. 203-209; Dumbrell, 'Covenant with Abraham', p. 50, states, 'the new powerful word, which in Gn. 1-3 forms the substance of the Abrahamic covenant, is to annul the curse of Gn.

32', p. 135; Westermann, Genesis 1-11, p. 14-19', p. 134. 2 Skinner, Genesis, p. 80, who does, however, go on to say that neither side will experience outright victory. Cf. 161. 3 As seen correctly by Wenham, Genesis 1-15, pp. 80,89. 4 I would disagree therefore, with Anderson, 'Creation and Ecology", p. 1 While these clothes are presented to them, rather than being made by them, animals are now seen to serve human needs, even when this means the death of animals. 2 The subsequent narrative of Cain and Abel gives two fleeting glimpses of how animals fare under human control.

1 The 'passive' interpretation appears to have the longest pedigree. 2 The NT (Gal. 3 The passive is found also in the ancient versions. 6 If the intention of the text were to convey the passive, this could have been done unambiguously by using the pual. This form of brk is not found in Genesis, but occurs in the Pentateuch (Num. 6; Deut. 13) and occasionally elsewhere. 4. 7 1 I follow here the helpful outline provided by Chew, 'Blessing for the Nations', pp. 5-10. ), Septuaginta. 3 Aland et al.

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