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By Jean-Michel Rendu

An advent to Cut-off Grade Estimation examines the most vital calculations within the mining undefined. Cut-off grades are necessary to opting for the commercial feasibility and mine lifetime of a undertaking. elevated cut-off grades can decrease political dangers by way of making sure greater monetary returns over a shorter time period. Conversely, decrease cut-off grades may well bring up undertaking lifestyles with longer monetary merits to shareowners, staff, and native groups. Cut-off grades additionally effect said reserves, that are heavily monitored through inventory exchanges and regulatory corporations.

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Smelter cost deductions are Cs per metric ton of concentrate. The concentration ratio K is the number of metric tons of material that must be processed to produce one metric ton of concentrate. The cost of shipping one metric ton of concentrate to the smelter is Ct. Metal prices are those quoted on the London Metal Exchange, V1 and V2 for copper and gold, respectively. Therefore, the value of one metric ton of material sent to the flotation plant is U ore ( x 1, x 2 ) = ( x 1 r 1 – d 1 )p 1 V 1 + ( x 2 r 2 )p 2 V 2 – Cs ⁄ K – Ct ⁄ K – ( Mo + Po + Oo ) 37 © 2008 by the Society for Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration.

Electronic edition published 2009. MINIMUM CUT-OFF GRADES 25 including mining, haulage, processing, backfilling, and other costs. 00 per metric ton, and the mill recovery is 95%. 40 grams/metric ton This cut-off grade applies not only to lower-grade material surrounding a high-grade core but also to diluted material (mixture of ore and waste material), which might have to be mined to design physically achievable stope boundaries. Both planned and unplanned dilution must be taken into account. Opportunity costs, such as those imposed by haulage capacity, should be taken into account, which will increase the cut-off grade.

This may not be the case if the quality of the concentrate varies with tonnage processed and head grade. It was also assumed that recovery is only a function of tonnage processed and is independent of head grade. More complex equations would apply if these assumptions could not be made. © 2008 by the Society for Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration. All rights reserved. Electronic edition published 2009. CUT-OFF GRADE AND OPTIMIZATION OF PROCESSING PLANT 45 EXAMPLE: OPTIMIZATION OF GRINDING CIRCUIT IN A COPPER MINE The following example illustrates how plant capacity can be optimized when mine plans are fixed, no major change can be made to the processing plant, but plant capacity can be increased by changing grinding size.

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