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The Code does not address workplace violence such as harassment or bullying. Personal harassment can include • verbal abuse or threats • unwelcome remarks about a person’s body or attire • d isplaying pornographic, racist or other offensive or derogatory pictures • making awkward or embarrassing jokes Personal harassment may also take the form of bullying. Under Alberta’s human rights law, you are responsible for eliminating discrimination in your workplace related to any of the protected grounds, including age, gender, martial status, race, ancestry or religion.

More information is available online at servicecanada. ca (click on the A to Z Services Index and choose Employment Insurance Compassionate Care Benefits using the alphabetical menu). An Employer’s Guide to Employment Rules © Government of Alberta, Alberta Employment and Immigration 35 When Employees Leave Permanently Sometimes employees decide to leave a job or you decide to dismiss them. Terminating employees may happen because of a lack of work for the employee or because of something they did or failed to do.

Ca Select Court Services 780-644-8217 (Edmonton) 780-833-4234 (Grande Prairie) 403-755-1469 (Red Deer) 310-0000 toll-free, and enter the 10-digit number for the Centre nearest you 1-800-668-4284 (toll-free) Canadian Federation of Independent Business The Federation represents the interest of small- and medium-sized firms and provides practical advice and links relating to business operations, including managing employees. ca 403-444-9290 (Calgary) 780-421-4253 (Edmonton) 42 An Employer’s Guide to Employment Rules © Government of Alberta, Alberta Employment and Immigration Index abuse and violence, 12, 27, 29 accident reports, 16, 31 accommodate, duty to, 3, 9, 34 adolescent employees, 4–6, 14, 21 adoption leave, 17, 33–35 ads, employment, 4 Adult Health Benefit, Alberta, 8 age of employee as confidential information, 18 and CPP deductions, 21 in job applications, 4 young employees, 4–6, 14, 21 AISH clients as employees, 8 Alberta Employment and Immigration, 39–40 Alberta Employment Standards Contact Centre, 19, 22–26, 37 Alberta Works clients, 8 alcohol and drug tests, 12 alone, working, 5, 27–28 appearance and dress codes, 11–12 applications for jobs, 4 for LMOs, 6 for SINs, 10 apprenticeships, 5–6 background checks, 3 balance, work-life, 31 benefits, 8, 17, 19 benefits under WCB, 30–31 bereavement leave, 35 birth date, 4, 18 bondable employees, 3 breaks, work, 25 brush clearing workers, 23–24 bullying, 12, 27, 29 Business Number (BN), 13 business resources, 2, 39–42 Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), 6, 8, 10, 13, 21, 41 Canada-Alberta JOBS, 4 cash shortages, deductions for, 20 casual workers, 31 child support payments, 20 childbirth leave, 17, 33–35 clothing and uniforms, 9, 11–12, 19 commission workers, 13, 31 compassionate care leave, 35 conflict resolution, 29, 39 construction workers, 23–24, 32, 37 contract workers, 7, 31 court decisions, resources on, 42 court orders for payroll deductions, 20 CPP clients as employees, 8 CPP deductions, 21 criminal record checks, 3 date of birth, 4, 18 debt collection, 20 deductions.

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