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T h u s , the correlation a n d chronological dating of formations in the t w o basins b e l o w the N o r t h ­ u m b e r l a n d - L a m b e r t zone are subject t o m o r e than o n e interpretation. Earlier investigators of the N a n a i m o group h a v e not a t t e m p t e d t o corre­ late the formations in the N a n a i m o basin with those in the C o m o x basin 35 on the basis of faunal c o n t e n t and faunal succession, but, instead, founded their correlation entirely on the lithology of the rocks and the sedimentary sequences.

T h e most that can be said is that the sediments are either littoral, shallow water neritic, or d e e p water neritic. T h e littoral sediments contain thick-shelled pelecy­ p o d s and gastropods and c o m m o n l y large quantities of broken shells; the shallow water, neritic sediments contain more fragile t y p e s of pelecypods and gastropods, with occasional a m m o n i t e s ; the deep water facies contain a m m o n i t e s of numerous shapes and ornaments, a few large pelecypods, and in several instances m a n y tiny gastropods and p e l e c y p o d s .

Large, b r o w n weathering, calcareous, sandstone concretions protrude from the cliffs. Layers, lenses, and irregular patches of granules, pebbles, and c o b b l e s are c o m m o n in the sandstones, and increase in n u m b e r and thick­ ness u p w a r d to where they finally surpass the sandstones in quantity. T h e middle m e m b e r consists of subrounded t o rounded, pebble-, c o b b l e - , and even boulder-conglomerates. Fragments of quartz, chert, trap, porphyries, granite, sandstone, shale, c o n g l o m e r a t e , and, rarely, calcareous concretions, in a matrix of fine- t o medium-grained, impure, greenish grey, quartz sand form the constituents of these beds.

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