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Download Airplane Parts Catalog. Army Models PT-19, PT-19A, PT-19B, PDF

Каталог запчастей самолетовPT-19, PT-19A, PT-19B, PT-23, PT-26 и Английской модификацииCornell I.

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Read Online or Download Airplane Parts Catalog. Army Models PT-19, PT-19A, PT-19B, PT-23, PT-26. British Model Cornell I PDF

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14. Balanoglossus. Development of tongue bars. 6. Anus, Posteriorly, the intestine opens to the exterior by a terminal circular aperture, the anus, at the tip of the trunk. It is often surrounded by a sphincter muscle. [II] Food, feeding a n d digstion Balanoglossus is a 'ciliary feeder'. Its food comprises of microscopic organisms and organic particles present in water and the bottom sand in which it makes its burrows. The lateral cilia lining the gill-slits set up a current of water which enters through the mouth, takes its course through the buccal cavity, pharynx, gill-slits and branchial sacs, and leaves through the gill pores.

But pogonophores differ in having protocoelic nephridial coelomoducts and lacking an alimentary canal. Moreover, nervous system is concentrated in protosome in Pogonophora, but in mesosome in Hernichordata. [V] Affinities with Annelida Spengel (1893) first suggested affinities Annelida and Hernichordata as follows : (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) Balanoglossus ; A Tongue Worm J of Body vermiform and coelomate. Burrowing habit, tubicolous life and ingesting mud which is passed out as castings through anus.

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