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The diesel generator heat exchangers, depending on plant vintage, may be designed to Quality Group D criteria. In some cases, the diesel heat exchangers were supplied by the diesel manufacturer, and no specific code requirements were applicable. In these cases, the heat exchangers were evaluated by the utility to ensure the design adequately met the intent of existing design criteria. The Quality Group B and C heat exchangers are designed to ASME B&PV Code, Section III, Class 2 and Class 3 requirements, respectively.

Gaskets are typically fully retained on all sides by metallic surfaces, protecting them from direct radiation exposure. A gasket failure results in leakage. 3-25 AGING MANAGEMENT GUIDELINE FOR HEAT EXCHANGERS Qualification of other non-metallic materials is best handled by design review of materials in contact with the heat exchanger fluids and the environment. Elevated temperatures affect degradation of non-metallics such as oil and elastomers. These materials require controlled operating temperatures to function properly.

Reactor water (primary water) is circulated through the tubes of the regenerative heat exchanger and the tubes of the non-regenerative heat exchanger prior to entering the cleanup demineralizers. Treated water is circulated through the shell of the non-regenerative heat exchanger for cooling. After leaving the demineralizers, the reactor water is circulated through the shell of the regenerative heat exchanger. The regenerative heat exchanger tubes and shell are austenitic stainless steel. The non-regenerative heat exchanger has austenitic stainless steel tubes and carbon steel shell.

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