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The causes become less cultural and more personal when the cultural tradition is rejected, as in Freud's case. We realize how paradoxical the outcomes of exposure to religious traditions may be, and how unpredictable they are, when we look briefly at the case of Erich F r o m m as a psychoanalyst who chose his own way. F r o m m (as his name paradoxically indicates) came from an orthodox Jewish family, which means that he had a thorough training in Judaism, and was a promising Talmudic scholar.

O t e s to this chapter on page 51. 36 Advances in t h e Psychology of Religion actually take a causal form. Thus the explanations to be discussed are all causal in nature. A second distinction is between endogenous and exogenous theories. The former direct attention to inherent psychological processes and states; the latter to psychologically mediated but external states of affairs, most usually social experiences. It should be borne in mind, however, that few if any theories belong in their entirety to one camp or the other.

9). It goes without saying that the study of the impact of religion on participants is a psychological matter; it should also go without saying that religious institutions do not influence other institutions directly, but rather do so by virtue of how they influence the cognitions, values and emotions of the participants. ". Most social anthropologists who have addressed this question have followed Dürkheim and sought the grounds of religion in social experiences. Unlike Dürkheim, who, as we have seen, did not maintain that what is sociocultural operates in a sui generis (non-psychological) fashion but instead saw religion as a psychologically mediated response to social experiences, these descendants have tried for "ideological" reasons to minimize the role accorded to Paul Heelas 43 psychological processes.

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