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What was the average rate of decline? This problem will be solved in Example 2. • Graph linear equations. • Find the x- and y-intercepts of a line. • Find the slope of a line through two points. • Find zeros of linear functions. The problem above can be solved by using a linear equation. A linear equation has the form Ax ϩ By ϩ C ϭ 0, where A and B are not both zero. Its graph is a straight line. The graph of the equation 3x ϩ 4y Ϫ 12 ϭ 0 is shown. y 3x ϩ 4y Ϫ 12 ϭ 0 O x Example The solutions of a linear equation are the ordered pairs for the points on its graph.

When real-life data is collected, the data graphed usually does not form a perfectly straight line. However, the graph may approximate a linear relationship. When this is the case, a best-fit line can be drawn, and a prediction equation that models the data can be determined. Study the scatter plots below. Linear Relationship 38 y y y O No Pattern x O x This scatter plot suggests a linear relationship. This scatter plot also implies a linear relationship. Notice that many of the points lie on a line, with the rest very close to it.

Find g(Ϫ4) if g(x) ϭ ᎏᎏ. (Lesson 1-1) 4x 38. Given that x is an integer, state the relation representing y ϭϪ3xand Ϫ2 Յ x Յ 3 by making a table of values. Then graph the ordered pairs of the relation. (Lesson 1-1) 39. SAT/ACT Practice Find f(n Ϫ 1) if f (x) ϭ 2x2 Ϫ x ϩ 9. A 2n2 Ϫ n ϩ 9 B 2n2 Ϫ n ϩ 8 C 2n2 Ϫ 5n ϩ 12 D 9 E 2n2 ϩ 4n ϩ 8 Extra Practice See p. A26. Lesson 1-2 Composition of Functions 19 1-3 Graphing Linear Equations OBJECTIVES l Wor ea AGRICULTURE Ap on R ld American farmers produce enough food and fiber to meet the needs of our nation and to export huge quantities to countries p li c a ti around the world.

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