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Download Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Forgotten Realms: Inside Ravens by Jean Rabe PDF

By Jean Rabe

Proceed your journey of the Ravens Bluff crusade surroundings, the brightest spot at the Dragon succeed in. become aware of extra new companies, personalities, and officers.

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Most of the circus employees recognize him as Hamlin’s “pet rat,” due to a golden collar he wears, and do not bother him. Squeaky is able to use weapons. He has a sharpened nail, which he wields like a dagger, causing 1-2 points of damage. A stick operates like a staff and causes 1 point of damage. Level 3 Blink Dispel Magic Feign Death Spectral Force Suggestion Fly Level 4 Spells Charm monster Dimension Door Emotion Extension I Improved Invisibility Polymorph Self Level 5 Spells Cloudkill Teleport Telekinesis 36 Shazgrap 3rd Level Female Wererat Thief STR: 8 INT: 13 WIS: 9 DEX: 18 CON: 13 CHA: 16 AC Normal: 4 AC Rear: 8 Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (Good tendencies) Languages: Common, Wererat, Circus Jargon Weapon Proficiencies: Short sword, dagger Nonweapon Proficiencies: Tumbling (18), juggling (17), blind-fighting Thief Skills: PP OL FT MS HS DN CW RL 70 40 25 35 30 30 60 -Magic Items: Ring of protection +2, dagger +1, +2 vs smaller than man sized, ring of mammal control Appearance: In her rat form, Shazgrap appears as a normal gray rat, wearing a collar similar to Squeaky’s.

He gets along exceptionally with Jack Mooney, who shares his views on animals. Isbeau’s Big Top act includes great cats and a small monkey. He coaxes the cats to jump through hoops on fire, balance on pedestals, leap over bars, and parade about the center ring. A staple to the performance is the monkey, Cheem, who rides on the lead cat’s back, chittering and 39 pretending to bother the animal. At one point, the monkey grabs the cat’s tail and hangs on, flying wildly in the air. Many children have become great fans of Cheem and throw him fruit and nuts after the performance.

33 Flame Groth Dwarf female 2nd level fighter STR: 16 INT: 14 WIS: 10 DEX: 17 CON: 16 CHR: 9 COM: 9 AC Normal: 3 AC Rear: 6 Hit Points: 16 Alignment: Lawful Neutral Languages: Dwarven, Common, Circus Jargon Weapon Proficiencies: Hand axe, dagger, short sword Nonweapon Proficiencies: Tattooing (18), weaving (13), artistic ability (10) Magic Items: Needle of lively tattoos, leather armor +2 Appearance: Flame Groth is a 140-yearold mountain dwarf who is 3’10” tall and weighs 125 pounds. She has long white hair that she braids into rings around her head.

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