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Red, yellow, green: do these colours look familar? They are the colours of traffic lights. New traffic lights consist of arrays of LEDs rather than light bulbs. The LEDs are brighter and longer lasting and use a tiny fraction of the electrical energy of traditional bulbs. Through the understanding of ionization energies and electron affinities, chemists have made a product that is safer and more energy-efficient. Electronegativity Knowing the properties of the elements in the periodic table is interesting, but creating new materials and understanding how and why chemical reactions occur is really at the heart of chemistry.

Choose one ion and find out why it is important in your body. Research which foods are the best sources of that ion and the health risks associated with a diet deficient in those foods. Write a health brochure informing others of the importance of your research and the consequences of not eating a healthy diet. 2 Covalent Compounds Key Understandings When you have completed this section, you will be able to: ˾ understand how covalent bonds form using the octet rule ˾ describe why some covalent compounds are exceptions to the octet rule ˾ identify the elements on the periodic table likely to form covalent bonds ˾ describe the physical and chemical properties of covalent compounds ˾ draw Lewis structures and structural formulas for covalent compounds with single, double, and triple bonds ˾ predict whether a bond is ionic or covalent using electronegativity values ˾ determine the polarity of a covalent bond using electronegativity values ˾ use appropriate vocabulary to communicate ideas related to chemical reactions CHAPTER 2 Chemical Compounds and Bonding 41 Previous Section Contents Image omitted due to copyright restrictions.

Ca/chemistry11. 40 UNIT 1 Next Section Quit ions come from? His conservative examiners grudgingly gave him the lowest possible mark for his doctorate degree. However, his ionic theory was soon to explain so much in chemistry that, in 1903, he received the Nobel prize in chemistry for it. In the solid phase, the ions of an ionic compound are held in fixed places in a crystal lattice. However, heating an ionic compound until it melts causes it to conduct electricity. In the liquid phase, the ions are free to move and conduct an electric current.

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