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Thus Spake Zarathustra: A Book for All and None

A substantial half and parcel of Nietzsche's genius is his skill to make his language dance, and this is often what turns into terribly tricky to translate. a few have failed within the try whereas others have not often attempted. Our current translator, Thomas Wayne, is himself an aphorist of palpable genius if no longer but reputation, with numerous collections to his credits which i've been privileged to edit.

The Blackwell Guide to Philosophy of Mind

Comprising a sequence of especially commissioned chapters by means of best students, this accomplished quantity offers an updated survey of the primary issues within the philosophy of brain. It leads the reader via a wide diversity of subject matters, together with man made Intelligence, attention, Dualism, feelings, folks Psychology, loose Will, Individualism, own id and The Mind-Body challenge.

Della certezza. L'analisi filosofica del senso comune

Della Certezza è uno dei testi piu compatti e significativi dell'ultimo Wittgenstein. Secondo l. a. metodologia di una ricerca che analizza i problemi filosofici, scientifici e logici nei termini delle forme di vita umana e dei «giuochi linguistici», che sono espressione del modo in cui gli uomini pensano, giudicano e calcolano, Wittgenstein affronta in questo scritto il tema del «senso comune».

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But to this we must add some further advantages. 2. " 34 THE CRITICS OF KEYNESIAN ECONOMICS 3. If all the dealer's capital is employed in his own trade, and no part of it locked up as unsold goods, the new demand affords him additional encouragement to save, by enabling his savings to yield him not merely interest, but profit; and if he does not choose to save (or until he shall have saved), it enables him to carry on an additional business with borrowed capital, and so gain the difference between interest and profit, or, in other words, to receive wages of superintendance on a larger amount of capital.

But there is this difference—that in the case of barter, the selling and the buying are simultaneously confounded in one operation; you sell what you have, and buy what you want, by one indivisible act, and you cannot do the one without doing the other. Now the effect of the employment of money, and even the utility of it, is, that 42 THE CRITICS OF KEYNESIAN ECONOMICS it enables this one act of interchange to be divided into two separate acts or operations; one of which may be performed now, and the other a year hence, or whenever it shall be most convenient.

But although the general over-supply is of necessity only temporary, this is no more than may be said of every partial over-supply. An overstocked state of the market is always temporary, and is generally followed by a more than common briskness of demand. JOHN STUART MILL 43 In order to render the argument for the impossibility of an excess of all commodities applicable to the case in which a circulating medium is employed, money must itself be considered as a commodity. It must, undoubtedly, be admitted that there cannot be an excess of all other commodities, and an excess of money at the same time.

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