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By Gerald Kraines

Responsibility management is greater than a conceptual treatment....It is a pragmatic procedure, with nice instruments, to spot and boost amazing leaders and to create an organizational constitution and methods that advertise responsibility and function. It demystifies the concept of management with a suite of ideas which are transparent and simple to enforce.

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Employers rightly cite diminished employee loyalty as a force behind these trends. However, employers bear an even greater responsibility for creating those trends by failing to demonstrate their commitment to effectively developing employees in their current work roles and for their future careers. The HR function can provide useful tools to support, but it cannot be held accountable for individual employee development. However, the tools that HR traditionally provides—position analysis, training, performance standards, compensation analysis, employment policy, career guidance, succession-planning processes, and so on—can indeed be valuable when applied within a framework of managerial accountability for employee development.

In fact, even many seasoned managers do not understand their full role in their organizations. They were not hired to “make sure people are working” or to “tell people what to do” or to attend • 29 • 30 Accountability Leadership meetings or just to think great thoughts. They were hired to leverage the creative capabilities of their people—to make the total result of all their contributions greater than the sum of the parts. A lever is a simple tool that enables someone to lift a heavy object higher than he could on his own.

Al, Jack’s predecessor, was also conscientious and hardworking. Was it Jack’s strong work ethic alone? Or was it something else? ” Jack was “way smarter” than his previous role required. He was also smarter than his new role required him to be. It was this excess mental capacity that he brought to bear on understanding the basic principles of manufacturing and people management. Formal training in these areas just did not matter that much. The greater the computational power, the broader the bandwidth, the quicker and better the problems of any role can be solved.

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