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By Daniel Fleisch, Julia Kregenow

The learn of astronomy bargains an enormous chance for us to realize a deeper figuring out of our planet, the sunlight method, the Milky means Galaxy and the identified Universe. utilizing the plain-language procedure that has confirmed hugely well known in Fleisch's different Student's courses, this booklet is perfect for non-science majors taking introductory astronomy classes. The authors handle subject matters that scholars locate such a lot problematic, on topics starting from stars and lightweight to gravity and black holes. Dozens of absolutely labored examples and over one hundred fifty workouts and homework difficulties aid readers become familiar with the strategies in every one bankruptcy. An accompanying site includes a host of aiding fabrics, together with interactive suggestions for each workout and challenge within the textual content and a sequence of video podcasts within which the authors clarify the $64000 thoughts of each part of the booklet.

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Convert your answer into units of pages per minute. 17. At the rate you calculated in the previous exercise, how long would it take you to read a 350-page book? 4 Scientific notation It is an inescapable consequence of the immense scale of the Universe that astronomy deals with huge numbers. Our Sun has a mass of approximately 2,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 kilograms, there are about 300,000,000,000 stars in our Milky Way galaxy, and there are between 50,000,000,000 and 1,000,000,000,000 galaxies in the observable Universe.

It helps that the √ root applies √ to realize √ 12 to both the coefficient and the exponent, so 6 × 10 = 6 × 1012 . A root of a quantity is equivalent to raising the quantity to a fractional power – the exponent becomes the inverse of the degree of the root. For example, taking a square root of a number is the same as raising that number to the power 12 (so √ 1 x = x 2 ). Likewise, taking the cube root of a number is the same as raising √ 1 that number to the power 13 (so 3 x = x 3 ). √ 2 Example: What is 9 × 104 ?

10 The Hubble Ultra-Deep Field (HUDF) is a famous photograph of a tiny portion of the sky that captured images of about 10,000 galaxies over an exposure time of one million seconds. At this rate, how many years would it take to photograph all of the estimated 100 billion galaxies in our observable Universe? 2 Gravity Even before taking an astronomy class, most people have a sense of how gravity works. No mathematics is needed to understand the idea that every mass attracts every other mass and that gravity is the force that causes apples to fall from trees.

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