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By Jeremiah Curtin

Absolutely Illustrated. the 1st 3rd of this e-book is a travelogue which describes Curtin's Siberian trip; this can be a attention-grabbing glimpse at Tsarist Siberia ahead of the Revolution. The final two-thirds of the booklet is a rare checklist of the mythology of the Buryats. there are lots of components discovered somewhere else via Asia and Europe corresponding to epic horses (and horse sacrifices), battles with giants, a World-mountain and 'the water of life', (see The Epic of Gilgamesh). There also are precise parts akin to heroes with oracular books embedded of their our bodies.

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Though Dejneff's name is found in documents till 1654 his fate is unknown. He undoubtedly died during some expedition. In 1650 there were several conflicts between Russians and Buriats, and only after much effort did the Russians assert their supremacy. During 1650 Yerofei Habaroff set out from Yakutsk with one hundred men, hunting for sable. He ascended the Olekma and the Tungar and reached the Amoor by the Ur and the Zeya. In two years he explored the whole river, and was the first man to launch a flotilla there.

Later in the season I photographed the Curator in one of the most valued articles of the collection, the ceremonial dress of a Buriat Shaman. Two days after my visit to the Museum I called upon Dmitri Petrovich and found that Andrei Mihailovitch Mihailoff, the Buriat, had arrived. Pershin introduced us, and, with a good deal of emphasis, told the old man that I wanted to become acquainted with his people, and that he must aid me in every way he could. Andrei Mihailovitch was friendly and promised co-operation.

This history had its origin at Lake Baikal, though indirectly. When Jinghis Khan was hunting the Kwaresmian ruler, Shah Mohammed, to his death on an island in the Caspian, a group of Turks, or western Mongols, fled before him, and found refuge in Asia Minor. The time for them proved favorable. They fought; they obtained land, and prospered. They grew great by accretion, as does a snowball rolling down a long mountain slope, till at last they won the empire established by Constantine. This Mongol group, four hundred and forty-four families in number, became known as the Ottomans, and after the destruction of the Kalifat at Bagdad they were the heirs of Mohammed, and a terror to Europe.

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