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By Arvind Sharma

This presentation of Hinduism rather stresses the intermingling of philosophy and faith in the religion. It hopes to increase the horizons of the traditional philosophy of faith by way of including fabric drawn from Hindu suggestion to its scope of curiosity. by means of therefore juxtaposing the philosophy of faith with Hindu philosophy, the ebook makes an attempt to maneuver in the direction of a cross-cultural philosophy of faith. This sequence of books explores modern non secular understandings of humanity and the universe. It covers the ongoing dialogues among faith and philosophy, scepticism and religion and among the several religions and ideologies.

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88. M. Hiriyanna, The Essentials of Indian Philosophy, p. 135. 89. Satischandra Chatterjee and Dhirendramohan Datta, An Introduction to Indian Philosophy, p. 307. 90. Eric J. Sharpe, Comparative Religion: A History (London: Gerald Duckworth, 1975) p. 5. 91. ), op. , voL III, pp. 541-2): 'In the systems, both orthodox and heterodox, attempts have been made either to prove or to disprove the existence of God. The Ciirvakas, as we have already noted, believe only in perception as the valid means of knowledge.

A similar caveat is in order while discussing the Freudian elements in the Indian materialist critique of religion. For Freud, religion was the collective neurosis of mankind and the key element in this neurosis was the suppression of libidinal instincts. The Indian materialist critique of religion is, however, quite candid on this point. Thus it is clearly said that 'one should enjoy the company of lustful young ladies,7 and that 'licentious persons recite the Vedas only to conceal their weakness, they refer to the Yam(a) Yami Sukta to justify their illegal sexual relations and say that they are only following their holy scriptures.

95. M. Hiriyanna, Outlines of Indian Philosophy (London: George Allen & Unwin, 1964 [first published 1932]) p. 243. 2 Grounds for Disbelief in God The grounds for disbelief in God have been offered within the Indic religious tradition by the materialists, the Buddhists and the Jainas. 1 The arguments offered by the Buddhists and the Jainas need to be dealt with separately in the accounts of Buddhist and Jaina philosophies of religion. 2 In this chapter we shall present, in the main, the grounds for disbelief in God offered by the school of Indian thought known variously as the Lokayata or the Carvaka.

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