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Download A game for swallows : to die, to leave, to return by Zeina Abirached PDF

By Zeina Abirached

Dwelling in the course of civil struggle in Beirut, Lebanon, Zeina and her brother face a night of apprehension whilst their mom and dad don't go back from a trip to the opposite aspect of town

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You didn’ t need chocolate or eggs. All it took was flour, vegetable oil, sugar, and curcuma (turmeric), which gave it That special flavor and a pretty yellow color. Now all we have to do is put it in The oven! Can we lick The pan? 45 And off she went to The kitchen to put The sfouf in The oven . . 46 What time is it? Quarter past four! Who told you so? Where’d he go? To the store! Mister Moore! Whatever for? To buy cigars! Who wants cigars? His wife wants cigars... 47 And who was his wife? His wife?

Almost nodded off There. HM The youngest, Jeanette, was very good wiTh her hands. To help him out, she did little bits of sewing for people in The neighborhood. I parked The car in front of The Abu Jamil gas station at five This morning. I figured maybe it was The only way to be first in line. Chucri started out running little errands for people in The building: clearing away broken tile, pasting clear plastic sheeting on The windows, plugging up shrapnel holes in The walls . . 52 So, were you?

Noooo, Anhala. It’ll be over in a year at most. We’ll put it behind us and go back to living like before. I’m not saying it’ll be easy. It’ll take a few years to rebuild everyThing, get The economy going again . . to forget. Until Then, The important part is just to keep on living. 54 But it won’t be long now, That’s for sure! OTherwise, do you Think I’d have gone to all This trouble? NoT AT ALL! I’d have left The country too! Speaking of which, how are Those visas? Ramzi sent The applications to The Canadian Embassy in Cyprus.

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