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The rapid change in the voltage during an AP causes the activation in the excitation system. Consequently, the neighboring cells will be depolarized. As a result, an electrical impulse, also called the cardiac electrical wavefront, propagates through the conduction system of the heart and spreads from cell to cell throughout the myocardium in the way that the atrial and ventricular contraction (depolarization) and relaxation (repolarization) will happen with the correct timing in the healthy heart [33].

It occurs when the blood supply to a part of the heart is interrupted, causing death of the local heart tissue. The severity of heart attacks can vary relating to the size the affected area, which disturbs the normal propagation pathways and causes abnormal direction of the electrical impulse. ECG waves of an individual with MI differ significally from the normal ECG waves. There are many morphological varieties of infarction ECG waves depending on the position and size of the infarction in the myocardium.

14. Einthoven limb leads and Einthoven triangle. 15 shows the generation of the ECG signal in the Einthoven limb leads along with the time-variant cardiac dominant vector and its projections on each of the three Einthoven limb leads. 2 Augmented Unipolar Extremity Leads The main aim of these leads is to fill the 60o gaps in the directions of the bipolar limb leads. 18 . 8) 2 Theoretically, Lead III as well as the augmented unipolar limb leads do not need to be recorded, but instead they can be computed from Lead I and Lead II.

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