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By Edwin P. Hoyt

The tale of the siege by means of the acclaimed writer of Hitler's WarIn 199 Days, acclaimed historian Edwin P. Hoyt depicts the epic conflict for Stalingrad in all its electrifying pleasure and savage horror. greater than the bloodiest skirmish in history-a momentous clash costing 3 million lives-the siege used to be a hinge upon which the process background rested. Had the pink military fallen, the Nazi juggernaut could have rolled over Russia. Had the German's no longer held out in the course of these previous few months, Stalin may have painted Europe crimson. Now, over 50 years after the main remarkable conflict of the second one millenium, the reality approximately this decisive second is eventually published.

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The commands began to break down. In order to salvage something, Bock put the 3rd Panzer Group under 4th Panzer Group command. The 3rd Panzer Group saw this as an abdication of responsibility, and morale plummeted. The command began to become confused, but the impetus was clear: the Germans were retreating with as much order as they could manage, but they were retreating fast. Southwest of Moscow, Guderian was in deep trouble, trying to reduce the bulge, or salient, he had driven deep into the Russian lines.

The Russians were pressing, but slowly, with seven armies along Army Group Center's broad front, seven hundred miles from Tikhvin on the north to a point east of Kursk. The main German reaction was shock. Hour after hour on December 7, new Russian units entered the fray and broke radio silence. The messages were picked up by German radio monitors. Two dozen brigades and divisions were moving on Army Group Center. The Germans had been telling themselves that the Russians did not have new troops to throw into the battle and were moving soldiers from other areas.

Hitler observed that he now had accomplished his first objective, the elimination of the danger of panic for the Germans. Victory had seemed nearly in the hands of the Russian armies trying to close in on Army Group Center. But as the official Russian war history noted, the situation was changing: "The situation of the Soviet troops in the western direction became decidedly worse. " Stalin had asked too much. The Germans had stopped at the K-line and regrouped. The 129th and 133rd Russian armies were cut to pieces.

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