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By Ann Marie Sabath

This ebook teaches members the best way to signify their businesses, their items, and themselves with self belief, polish, heat, and professionalism.

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Use both your spell check and a human set of eyes to ensure that your document is free of spelling mistakes. Check it carefully for grammar problems, too. Correspondence Š Format your document intelligently—don’t cram it with lots of competing typefaces, adopt an inappropriate informal tone, follow your own rules inconsistently, or jam too much text onto the page. Š Make sure your document incorporates the right salutation for the intended reader. Š Addressing a letter to people who are married or who consider each other “significant others”?

If you are in a management position, draft a memo that updates the dress code. Otherwise, consider suggesting, subtly, that someone in authority revisit your dress policy. One simple, never-to-be-violated rule that applies to both men and women: Avoid wearing clothes that reveal too much or leave little to the imagination! For example, men who wear shorts to the office—even on Saturdays— may unintentionally signal to others that they don’t recognize standards for appropriate business casual dress.

But would you want to read such a document? Once again—proofread! Aside from grammar, punctuation, and spelling, you may have accidentally omitted a word or two, or included something that is best deleted. Correspondence 49 Tip #19 Humanize your e-mail messages. ” When was the last time you received a similar e-mail message that reminded you of one of the examples above— curt, rude, and perhaps even a bit crude? How did it make you feel about the sender? It’s all too easy to compose brisk, impersonal e-mail messages…but with just a little effort, we can humanize our e-mail messages so that others will actually look forward to checking their in-boxes for messages from us.

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